Countryside Church


9:15 am - Prayer Meeting
10:00 am - Sunday Service
11:15 am - Coffee Time
12:00 am - Sunday School
- Young Adults - 1st and 2nd Sunday

A Word from the Pastor


Welcome to Countryside Reformed Church!

logoLocated outside of the Camp Shalom Grounds!

Would you like to go to a church where everybody knows your name, and you are treated as one of the family? Would you like to be part of a church where all know they are sinners and where there are no sinless and judgmental people? Would you like to help build up a Christian community from scratch, where the main focus is upon God`s grace and love toward us?

We might be the church for which you have been praying.

Countryside is a small community of Christian men and women who are deeply rooted within the Reformed tradition, but which understand that the church exists for its mission, and is willing to adapt to the needs of our times to fulfill its sacred call of announcing the Good News of God's grace in Jesus Christ.

Beside our regular worship service, every Sunday 10 am, we offer many other services and ministerial opportunities:
  • Christian counseling
  • Musical ministries
  • Prayer meetings
  • Sunday school
  • Bible teaching
  • Chaplaincy
  • Weddings
  • Nursery
  • etc.

We believe that one should attend a church where one has a ministry. Would you like to become a servant of the Lord within our midst? We certainly are looking after people who come to add to our worship and effort.

Our sanctuary and facilities are a bit hidden from the public. We worship in the middle of trees and lawns, close to the woods of North Dumfries. Somehow this can help us to get into the right mood to worship the Lord and to come closer to the Creator.

Due to our location, Countryside does not attend to just one particular town, but invites persons from all towns nearby to come and visit us: From Cambridge, Ayr, Paris, Drumbo, Waterloo, Kitchener, and even Woodstock. We have been aggregating Christians from all around, and we have become a family of faith, living in love and fellowship, and growing in grace under the mercy of God.

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